Better companies

We use our unique positioning and expertise to generate sustainable added value, connecting people with resources to realize business opportunities that generate long-term positive impact on society.
Family office

We project the DNA of our industrial family business in the management of our investment portfolio

We take a leading role in an ecosystem in which family businesses are the backbone of our economy, guaranteeing the stability, development and well-being of the following generations.

At Whitehole, we share with Velatia, our family-owned company, values such as long-term vision, responsibility and commitment to the environment, fundamental in our investment dynamics. In order to guarantee the achievement of our return, risk and liquidity objectives, we make growth and economic results compatible with the multigenerational responsibility of belonging to a business family.

Our investment principles

Liquid assets

We continuously assess
the global risks and
opportunities around us

We are part of an ecosystem in which financial markets are at the center of strategic decisions.

We study global macroeconomic trends and adapt to the environment through active management strategies, with a focus on risk control, to provide visibility to the achievement of our return objectives.

We manage our investments in liquid assets through two complementary strategies with a philosophy of generating value in the medium term.

Non-listed assets

We are a direct investment company with the values of an industrial family business

Our origins are industrial and technological, we are actively involved in the growth of the companies in which we participate, sharing risks and benefits, aligned with the rest of the shareholders.

Private equity

In Private Equity, we invest in cash-generating industrial companies (EBITDA between EUR 2.0M and EUR 8.0M), by taking preferably majority holdings.

We are looking for leading companies in the market in which they operate, excellent management teams and scalable competitive advantages that we can support in their organic and inorganic growth processes.


We have extensive experience in generating sustainable operational and financial value, combining complementary capabilities and working as a team.